Seven Tips How This Thanksgiving Day Can Lead You to Success

Being grateful for what you have, the resources, your associates or the opportunities, is very important, be it in your personal life or in your job. The attitude of gratitude everywhere is the surest way to improve your personal as well as social life. It has a great impact on the state of your mind, quality of relationships, your performance and your success-failure prospects.

Hold the torch of gratitude

Do not forget to carry the torch of gratitude wherever you go. You enter your office or work spot with several dreams and aspirations. The attitude of gratitude will clear your path to walk through the right path and reach success. It complements your endeavors and promises to help you attain your goals. It helps you to be fully concentrated on the positives.

Occasions that you fail to thank

There are certain occasions when you fail to thank. Those will be the occasions of deviation that lead you out of your attitude of gratitude. They may fill you with negatives

1) You cease to thank when you are overwhelmed by competition and comparison. The pressure to perform at least as good as your colleague may upset you and blind your attitude of gratitude.

2) In these circumstances you may forget the help and cooperation you received from others.

3) In your struggle to establish yourself, you may fail to appreciate the spirit of collaboration from others and fail to thank.

4) Your pride or selfishness may make you think negatively. What were previously ‘favors’ from others now become ‘duties’.  You seem to ‘demand’ from others and you do not even find it necessary to thank others.

5) Eventually you lose respect for others and think disconnects you from others burying your attitude of gratitude.

6) Distrust and resistance increase making even your routine tasks difficult to execute. This will push you into more negatives.

7) Anxiety, insecurity, negative thinking, discontent and low morale are more signs of lack of gratitude that lead you to unhappiness and utter failure.  

Wake up on this Thanksgiving Day

The occasion of Thanksgiving Day should enable you to find out the value of the attitude of gratitude and bring you success throughout the year. The moment you find out that you are out of the track of gratitude, avoiding others and indulge yourself in unnecessary gossip and negative politics, deal with yourself before it causes further damage. You may hesitate at this stage where to start. Again gratitude can mend the situation and help you start afresh.

Inculcate the habit of thanking

Thanking is a healthy habit that can be inculcated at any time just by beginning to thank. Just show your gratitude to others however small may be the occasion. It can rediscover everything that you had lost!