Seven Ways to Have a Great-Hair Day

Hair stylist experts advise alternating different shampoos to keep hair strong and bouncy.

1. The correct application of hair-care product is crucial. Always leave treatments on for two minutes so that your hair can absorb the ingredients, then rinse twice as long as usual.

2. Don’t rub hair too vigorously while wet, but make sure that it is 80% diffused dry (use the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer) before you start wielding a brush.

3. To prevent split ends, have trimmed every five to six weeks.

4. Shower before getting into a pool or spa – the water expands your hair cuticles, lessening the risk of chlorine damaging the interior of the strand. If you prefer to do most of your swimming in the sea, the regular use of protein treatments will keep hair soft and shiny.

5. Tress test: for a quick check on the health of your hair, pluck out one strand and drop it in a glass of water. Tap lightly with your finger. If it “swims” it’s healthy; if it sinks it’s damaged or dry.

6. Hormonal changes, cell renewal slowdown and medications that treat high blood pressure and cholesterol all affect the condition of your hair as well as your skin. To keep your hair looking vital, use a colour-protecting conditioner.

7. Use lightweight products and allow your hair to dry naturally as much as possible, turning down the heat when you are using a blow dryer.