Seven Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

White sugar contains no vitamins or minerals, and brown sugars and honey have low nutritional value. In large quantities sugar and honey can make you fat, cause tooth decay and even become addictive.

Studies have shown that too much sugar in the blood can lead to diabetes and other illnesses.  You can lessen your sugar intake without losing the good food.

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<h4 style=”font-size: 1em;”>Here are some ways to cut down on sugar:


  1. Reduce sugar in hot drinksgradually. As you get used to it, you will find that the taste of your beverage is much better without sugar. In time, you will no longer need to add sugar.
  2. Avoid carbonated drinks. Commercial soft drinks contain very high amounts of sugar and very low nutritional value, if at all.  To quench your thirst, take water or diluted freshly squeezed fruit juice instead.
  3. Read the labels on packaged foods and drinks. Packed juices may contain extra sugar that isn’t necessary at all, as fruits naturally contain sugar. Breakfast cereals and peanut butter may also contain too much sugar. Buy only those brands that contain less or no sugar.
  4. Finish meals with fruits. This helps you break the habit of having sugary desserts. You can add plain yogurt to your fresh fruits for additional flavor.
  5. Do not use sweets as presents or rewards for children. If you do, they will come to associate sugary foods with happy occasions and will continue the habit until they grow up.  Fruits and small toys are better alternatives.
  6. Do not keep too much sweets, chocolate or biscuit in the house. If you’re fond of storing sweet items, you might want to replace some of them with better alternatives.  You can keep enough sweet stuff and some low-salt crackers.   
  7. Indulge in healthy snacks. If you want something to nibble between meals, try olives, raw vegetables, or fruits. Store in the freezer small bags of chilled carrot or celery sticks and take them out when you feel the need to eat. Cheese or nuts are also good, but eat them in small quantities because they have high fat content.

It’s never too late to cure that sweet tooth. Try these tips now and enjoy a low-sugar diet!