Shocking hypothesis: Michael Jackson would have been dead for an hour when the paramedics arrived

Investigation if the death megastarului progressing. According paramedical who were called to the house megastarului, when their arrival, Michael Jackson was already dead. Megastarului personal doctor was the one who insisted that the artist should be taken to hospital. They said that did not realize at that time on trying to save him is Michael Jackson.
November revelations on the death of Michael Jackson appearing every day, even after nearly two months after the death megastarului. Megastarului lifeless body of Michael Jackson would be zacut for an hour in the bedroom before arrival or paramedical ambulantei reports reveal.
A series of tests showed that Jackson was dead long before the medical team to reach him, write the News of the World.
Paramedics and hospital staff from UCLA have British tabloid revealed details of the death of Jackson, reviewed three paramedic specialists.
Under this document, the medical personnel upon arrival, Jackson had no pulse, gave no signs of cardiac activity and no longer breathe.
And more shocking, this body already signs of lividity – when blood is withdrawn after the co heart ceases to beat.
The new disclosures contradict the statements of his personal physician Jackson, Conrad Murray, who said the star had a weak pulse and the arrival of doctors had been subjected to resuscitation maneuvers on the way to hospital.
According to police in Los Angeles, when the paramedics arrived at the house to Michael, he was found not breathing.
Furthermore, medical staff said that some time has passed up on the ambulance have to realize that it is Michael Jackson famous. Paramedics say megastarul look like a man very old and sick and it was hard to recognize.
The ambulance on the umai said that megastarul not present any sign of life from their arrival. They wanted to declare megastarului death right there, but personal physician Michael insisted that it be taken to hospital.
His personal doctor, Michael Murray, Conrad, is now suspected of homicide, especially after it was found in megastarului house, a cache of drugs, including powerful anesthetic propofol. Paradoxically, even Dr Murray had shown police warehouse, not reuşiseră to find him.
In parallel with the death of Michael, of Los Angeles detectives have opened another investigation Coroner’s office in the city. According to police, a certificate of death of the artist has been consulted, illegal, people who did not have that right.
And disclosure of his life Michael Jackson. Financial Advisor megastarului said Michael gathered a secret fund of five million dollars, which wanted to buy “his dream house” in Las Vegas. According to this, five million dollars came from copyrighted outstanding and their was a secret not only knew Michael and financial advisor.