Shopping in the End of season sale

We all (especially women) love sales. One of the famous brands has a tag line too ‘;;;In love with sales’;;;. There are pros and cons of shopping in End of season sale. In order to shop smart you should keep in mind some points.

1) Never shop just because there is a sale. Shop only if you need to add new items to your wardrobe. This way you will ensure that you dont gon on binge shopping.

2) Prepare a list of the things you really need to buy. Prioritize the list depending upon your needs such as very high, high, medium and low. You will be able to identify which items you need urgently and which not.

3) Check the terms and conditions of the sale. There is a differnce between ‘;;;Flat Upto 50% sale’;;; and ‘;;;Flat 50% sale’;;;. Also pay attention to cash back offers. They offer cach back only when you shop till a certain limit.

4) Start your shopping with the very high priority items in your list. And then gradually move on to the low priority items. This way you to concentrate on shopping for high priority items. You wont be distracted the nice cutlery in the shop and end up paying for it. Directly head for the department of the item which you want ot buy.

5) Shoping can also be done on a person basis. That is shopping for your husband or wife only. In this way you dont end up wasting time in the trial room queues at both the departments

6) Plan your time on the day of shopping. This ensures you donot run out of time and shop in a hurry.

7) Plan your lunch and dinner on the day of shopping. Sometimes shopping takes a lot of time and you are not in a mood to prepare dinner. Plan your meals so that you dont end up spending more on dinner or lunch.

8) If possible shop with your spouse for the home applicances or home related items. This helps to shortist an item depending on the needs of both of you.

9) When shopping for children keep in mind comfort over style. Stylish dresses or shoes may not be comfortable and may end up not being used.

10) Make sure to shop for clothing items which fit you correctly. Do not shop just because you get 1 item free if you buy 2 items.