Show Your Special Lady That You Desire Her

Desire is a tricky thing. Sometimes we wander through life and have no clue the effect we are having on other people. Sometimes the desire is so thick we can feel it from another room. Most people can tell if someone desires them, especially if they are looking for that desire to come from someone they are attracted to. But if you’re not sure how to show someone you desire them, here are a few tips.

Making Her Yours

Invade her space. A person’s personal space typically is about three feet. Make every opportunity to be closer than that. You don’t even have to touch her at this point.

Stare at her. Women might complain about men staring at their rears or breasts, but when the stare is coming from a man she is interested in, she will be flattered.

Touch her. While talking to her, reach out and touch her arm. Push her hair back from her face. Stroke her arm while watching a movie. Do this in a gentle, relaxed, non-threatening way.

Take her cue. If she hugs you, hug her back. If she kisses your neck, kiss her back. If she runs her hands over your chest, do the same to her.

Talk to her. Tell her she is beautiful and sexy. Tell her she has the most beautiful eyes, hair, fill-in-the-blank.

Notice what she wears and comment on it. 

Once She Is Yours

Talk to her. Tell her she is beautiful, sexy, and that you want her. Do this often and at random moments.

Slow dance. Put on some soft, sappy, love songs and dance. Let your hands and lips roam where they want.

Play. Do everything but make love. Kiss for an hour. Hold each other and just breathe.  

Practice intimacy. If she’s taking a bubble bath, offer to help her bathe. Take a shower together and gently scrub each other.