Signs of Eating Disorders

Media has played a significant role when it comes to influencing teenagers or young adults on how they should look and feel about themselves. This is because what is perceived as beautiful and presented to most of these young adults or teenagers are those walking hangers or almost skeleton looking models that are considered to be good examples of what modern woman should look like. This eventually has made our children think that beauty is acquired through eating less or even starving to death.  To most parents, it is not so easy to notice that your child may be experiencing some signs of eating disorder, mostly because most of the time, teenagers are far away from home or even spend most of their time in school.

There are few red flags or signs that any parent should watch out for:

Wearing Oversized Clothes

If you teenager decide to change his style and suddenly start hiding in those loose or baggy ill fitting clothes, take a time to check underneath and see what might be  happening. A change in posture may also signify that she might be hiding something.

Eating Rituals

Looking out for unusual eating habits may help you in noticing changes early in the course before it is too late.  One of the habits with most people with eating disorders problem is rearranging items on the plate, excessive chewing, cutting food into tiny pieces and eating food in a certain manner. The other problem would be measuring whatever he or she is consuming and noting calorie consumed especially if she didn’t have weight issues. Watch out that the she is not overly obsessive about calorie count.

Eating Alone

If you teenager insists of eating alone or eating later after family members have eaten their food, then she might be having a problem with eating. You should be more concerned if it becomes a habit that she has to eat alone.  Watch out if she is consuming other weight loss products.

Distorted Body Image

Most people with eating disorders talk about a body part that she doesn’t seem to like. She will always be thinking about how she looks which eventually become and problem and affects her daily life. She might also react to innocent comment which she may interpret as telling her that she look fat.

Compulsive Exercising

This may start suddenly even though she was not working out before. She may insist of exercising even when she is too tired to do so.   

There are many other signs that you may find but these are some of the most common signs that may help you to pinpoint that you teenager or anyone else may be having a eating disorder problem.