Signs to Prevent Dehydration


Signs to Prevent Dehydration

l    The signs of dehydration are if a child complains of being thirsty. That is an early sign and fluids should be provided immediately and a time out for rest and drinking the fluid should be taken. Lethargy is another sign and is a later sign of dehydration.

l    Although you may not have PALS certification, but you can certainly be knowledgeable about how to prevent dehydration and treat it if possible.

Tips to Avoid Dehydration

l   Tip 1: Avoid drinking coffee or soda. They contain caffeine.

l   Tip 2 Energy boosters like caffeine can actually shrink blood vessels.

l   Tip 3: Apply a good moisturizer right after bathing.

l   Tip 4: Avoid eating salty foods especially right before bed time. Salt makes your body feel bloated.

Benefits provided by drinking pure drinking mineral water

l    Some of the benefits provided by drinking pure drinking mineral water include:

l    Helps with digestion

l    Controls regularity

l    Helps you stay hydrated

l    Provides you with more energy

l    Helps reduce weight

l    Helps get rid of headaches

What are the functions of water in the body

l      Water is essential in the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients in the body. It allows the food consumed to be broken down, and allows for easier cell absorption.

l      It is utilized in the burning of fuel for energy. Without it, dogs will be unable to convert food into energy needed in their daily activities.

l      Water is essential in maintaining the normal and ideal body temperature. Without it, a dog’s body would definitely overheat.