Signs Your Cat is Trying to Kill You – Top 10 Behaviors That Your Cat Wants to Kill You

As everyone knows, cats are evil creatures, it seems that even some of them try to remove humans from the face of the earth.There are a number of behaviors to monitor.If your cat out at least 5 of these signs, stay alert, surely he plans to kill you.

  1. Your cat is pressuring a leg and another on your body : one would think that this is a sign of affection, in fact, your cat is testing failures of your internal organs.
  2. Your cat puts his paws on your face when you sleep : Choking is not a specialty in the cat, its legs are too small to cover both your nose and mouth, but nothing prevents it from trying anyway.
  3. Your cat brings you dead animals : You’ve never seen the godfather?This is not a gift!it is a warning …
  4. When you enter a room, your cat runs away at full gallop : when your cat did this, you just barely escaped the ambush that you tended.
  5. Your cat sleeps on your electronic equipment : humans have a sufficiently advanced technology, your cat knows and will use all means possible to prevent you from communicating with the outside world in case of attack.
  6. Your cat ejects much of its pellet litter : not just because he does not like the smell, but only because he is training to bury a body.
  7. You fixed your cat for many minutes with a inquisitive look : above all do not leave the eye.This would be interpreted as a sign of weakness, an attack could well follow this avowal.
  8. Your cat is purged with grass : the Jivaro Indians also do it every morning, it helps to purify the mind and body before going to war or hunting.
  9. Your cat is hiding in dark places to watch you : wardrobe, carpet, bed, all observatories are good to watch his prey in a natural environment.
  10. Your cat meows constantly : he wants all just go crazy for you you throw everything out the window only as large.The perfect crime.