simple tips to make a images better

Do you like the photograph? Simply purchasing a digital camera will not improve your composition skills or increase your know-how. However, there are many functions and features in a camera for making a pictures better can help you, but many people too don’t do maximize any features in a digital camera cause of look for easy way using a camera, or that may be not know beans about features and facilitiy/functions in the digital camera. Some reasons why I’ve been using the digital camera are ; save the time. I can share the images through email or web based galleries easier and faster, instant gratification, I can view the results immediately and if unsatisfied, I can learn from that’s mistakes faster and take a better images, and I don’t need change the film. This is some simple tips for making a good quality images better, with maximize the features in a digital camera, and to be certain you are not a professional photographer.

· Arrange the digital camera in maximum picture size (maximum megapixels) for the best quality when you printed in big size images

· Use JPG file for easy of processing images in any softwares like Adobe’s Photoshop, Coreldraw, and more

· Use the Automatic white balance for optimized light and quality images coloring.

· Arrange the “ISO” Number, use highest ISO and flash light (if the image stabilization feature in camera is not available). Use Auto ISO number for low-light condition and / or moving objects

· Optimized using histogram, looking for digital camera light exposure sensitivity

· Use the optical zoom only and avoid or minimized use the digital zoom feature for saving the resolution arranger chip

· Use the qualified storages like MMC, SD card, etc. Suit with The speed of digital camera specification

· If your camera takes standard AA batteries, use the alkalines batteries for most economical and longest lasting option. Or use NiMH batteries to provide high current for extended periods

· Back up in CD or DVD file after get images

Well, it’s just the simple ways only. If you want to learn about the photographs more, you can visit many much the photograph websites or blogs.