Six Flags Magic Mountain CA: How to survive the crowd

Six Flags is located in Valencia, CA. It’s after you passed Hollywood in the 5freeway north. It’s a drive if you live in Orange
County or San Diego or North CA. You have to allow for time to beat the traffic because the traffic is very bad in the 5 freeway. You have to give yourself a couple of hours early to drive there. Let’s say if you want to go there and stand in line by 8am then you must leave your house around 5am. You will need traffic times and this depends on how far you live from the place. Once you get there, you’ll need to find parking and walk all the way to the opening gate. It’s a long time to get everything together. Therefore you would want to give yourself sometimes.

Six Flags is a very fun place to go to though if you can make it inside without too much problems. If you have children that are too young or too short they may not be able to participate in some of the rides and you will have a better time if these children are left at home so that you won’t have to stay with them and missed the entire ride. If you have someone to baby-sit them then it’s ok.

If you want to avoid long lines to get in make sure you go early on holidays. Early means you’ll be standing in line before the gate open and in front of the line or else you won’t be that happy. Weekends is a busy time so make sure you get there very early and stand in line before everyone else or else you will lose a lot of time standing in line. If you go in the evening time, it could be busy too since people are getting off of work and the weather is better and it’s also the time where people take their date there. If you’re inside and if you don’t want to wait in a long line then just be the first to be in line or just go to another game and come back or wait until the next batch to get started and get in line. Just use your common sense and don’t stand in a long line. Some of the rides are more popular then other and you can expect the line to be longer. If you really want the superman ride then just go there early, first thing in the morning or just wait around until the line is empty and jump in.