Six Researchers Have Landed on Mars After a Simulated Journey Into a Parking Lot in Moscow

A team of researchers has managed finally to reach Mars after a flight that lasted 257 days. It is a simulation of such a journey. More specifically, six men gathered around the world have spent 257 days imprisoned in a steel capsule, 3.5 meters wide, in Moscow, simulating the experience of traveling to the Red Planet, tells the Daily Mail.

Now, six men will spend two days exploring the surface of Mars before they “return home”. This mission will end 520 days (called “Mars 500”), which was made by space agencies in Moscow, Europe and China.

The so called “Space Shuttle” is in a parking lot of an apartment building apopierea has six beds, a kitchen, living room, toilet, glass and a workspace, according Psychologists have observed the crew, consisting of a Chinese, an Italian – Colombian, a Frenchman and three Russians, during the entire journey, which was meant to simulate the stress of a real mission to Mars.

This mission was not  as real as should be because on this trip “astronauts” have enjoyed the benefits of gravity, which in the outerspace does not exists. Also they were allowed to leave if they wanted to. It is good to know that so far none of them give up.