Six Types of Articles to Overcome Writer's Block

  1. Top 10 Article:  Write an article with a top ten.  You can give ten reasons for just about anything.  Or the ten best of.  Or ten ways to.  Using top ten articles is an efficient way to write.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to come up with a top ten article.
  2. Quiz Article: Give a quiz with a number of questions.  Each question has a few different answers.  Each answer has points assigned to it.  At the end of the article, you explain the result of the quiz.  For example, you could have a quiz about “How Nerdy Are You?”.  Then you assign questions and answers to the quiz.  At the bottom, depending on the points that add up, you can qualify the person’s nerdiness.
  3. Failures Article: You can write about what causes a failure to do blank.  For example, reasons for failure when you try to come up with articles.  Reasons for failure when you try to motivate employees.  There can be reasons for failure for almost any niche.  It isn’t too difficult to come up with reasons for failure.
  4. What I Learned Article: Think back to an experience that you had.  Then think about what you learned from it.  For example, what I learned at summer camp.  What I learned at my toughest job.  Et cetera.  There is a learning to be taken away from every kind of human experience.  All you have to do is remember what you learned.  It doesn’t take much.
  5. How to Article: What do you know how to do that others do not?  If you know how to do something, then you can write an article that explains how to.  These articles don’t have to be very long if you get your point across succinctly.
  6. Truths and Myths Article: Many subjects have truths and myths.  For example, the truths and myths about exercise.  The truths and myths about organic foods.  And so on.  This idea can take some research but the concept isn’t very difficult to come up with.

Hopefully this article will give you some ideas for article types and will help your writing in the future.