Six Ways to Quit Smoking

WE all have a decision to start a new life in the new year. Quitting smoking is not an exception from it all. But, in fact, although this is something that most commonly spoken, only four out of ten smokers who could fulfill his promise. In fact, six of them need a very strong effort to quit the habit.

These statistics were published in the press release of the American Lung Association. Experts say a strong effort to quit smoking can be the beginning of the success of your promise. The new year be a good time to plan for this intention. Here are some tips to make it easier to do it.

1. If you have problems finding a way to quit smoking, consult a physician.
Moreover, the current pharmacological drug marketing has been highly developed and able to cope with your pain.

2. Choose a day where you will get divorced with cigarettes, and mark on the calendar
Try to start the weekend, when the stress level is too high compared to weekdays. Analyze the days when you feel you desperately need a cigarette. Try to imagine how the situation was or how to fix bad habits. For example, by going with the people who do not like smoking and replace it with a cup of tea or even with light exercise.

3. Exercise every day or just by walking
Fitness and fresh air can improve mood and increase energy. And walking into an ideal way to relieve stress as you decide to menigggalkan cigarettes. It’s better if you also make a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep.

4. Do not ask your friends, colleagues, or family to help you
It would be very difficult to focus during the first few days you leave cigarettes. Especially to appear confident in front of your co-workers without smoking as a routine as before.

5. Find like-minded people
It is easier to support your intention to stop smoking while at work.

6. Find your motivation
Should we talk about health? And what about your financial income? Family happiness will no longer worry about your health? Spare time you can spend with family, playing with children, and a walk with them to the park? Find your motivation and begin to go slow. Good luck!