Sizes That Attract Men – Does It Really Matter?

Slim, thin, skinny, fat, a few extra pounds, with love handles or without? Have these sizes been running around your mind about which size do actually men love? I believe and have seen many women who go crazy about it when they gain these few extra pounds in them and will start screaming to themselves, “I am FAT!” Well ladies, please stop doing that to yourselves. The more you cry and get depressed about it, the fatter you’ll end up being. I am honored to actually present to you the sizes that men prefer in women.

Men in this world are the hypocrites of the highest level. They could be fat but end of the day they would love a thin girl as their girlfriend or wife. Some men would be extremely thin but end of the day would love a girl with extra pounds. This is usually the most confused topic among guys and girls. Frankly speaking, there are few type of men in this world, the ones that love women for their good heart and those who love them for their gorgeous looks. Along the way you would have witnessed guys who love women who are very outgoing and those who love the homely types.

Nowadays guys love girls for how they look instead of who they are. This is bad news but that’s the fact. It’s very difficult nowadays to find guys who actually fall for girls who have good heart. One thing that men fail to realize is that looks will never be there forever. Besides that, guys find that those girls who don’t do stuffs they do as boring. Personally, I feel, if u would have met that kind of guy, I would say,” Back off girl! You deserve better.” Now coming back to sizes, as I mentioned, majority love slim looking girls but they also have this thing for “assets” in women. Obviously these guys love to end up with super hot chicks that look like Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. But what they fail to realize is that, none of the women I mentioned had a steady love or marriage life. I guess you would have pretty much understood what I meant by assets by now. Yes, the boobs and booty plays an important role for guys nowadays.

Now you have learned about those guys who love “assets” instead of heart. What I am going to share with you now is the type of guys who go for the heart. Please be aware, it’s pretty difficult to find them but they are everywhere. Usually a girl would turn down proposals or a date with those nerdy looking or maybe the school loser. Now those ladies fail to realize that these guys actually got for heart rather than looks. How many of you girls out there would have actually said,” Yes, I would love to…,” to a guy maybe not in the best looks book of yours. There are actually many guys out there who love girls for their good heart instead of looks but the major issue they face in their lives is themselves. They do not build the guts to actually approach the love of their life and tell them how they feel. Eventually, they end up being even more depressed.  That’s why I mentioned it’s hard to find them but they are everywhere.

Okay now, for those ladies out there who have not felt love in their life, it’s time to stand up! First, learn which type of guy is that particular person. Is he the type that just goes for sex? Or does he actually have a lovely heart behind those good or bad looks? Analyze before you make major decision on choosing a guy as your lover or husband. Trust me, I have seen many ladies who end with guys that love to toy around with their feelings and that’s not right. The other person has no rights to toy around with your feelings and you should always find for a person who loves you for who you are and not try to change the best in you so that they feel good about it. For example, if you don’t drink, so be it, don’t take up drinking just to make him feel happy. He should respect your feelings and respect your principle of life and vice-versa.

So ladies, as a conclusion, don’t be too worried about which size you are unless its health related. It doesn’t also mean that you should be eating your way to glory and end up being big sized. Think and consult with your best friends on the best size you look in. There are always skinny uglies and chubby beauties. It shouldn’t be because of a guy. You are better than what you think and do not let these men play with your feelings. Be yourself!