Slipper Injustice

     You arrive in front of your school wearing your normal Saturday wear. You open your bag for inspection but when you come face-to-face with the guard, he gives you a slip for dress code violation. It turns out that you’re wearing slippers, the ugly kind. But then a posh girl passes by you and you noticed that she wasn’t given any violation slip, despite the fact that she is wearing slippers but the flashy kind. How would you react to the situation?This situation did not happen to me, but I’ve been told that this happens in real life. I would like to remind everybody that flashy slippers are still slippers. So, they should also be banned inside school premises.

     Havaianas, Ipanema, Banana Peel, and all the other brands are basically still slippers. Their structures are based on the everyday slippers or flip-flops.It is open-toed and straps secure it on your feet. The purpose and use of the expensive and inexpensive slippers are one and same: they are for the protection of the feet, while providing a breathable space for feet.

     Allowing the use of expensive slippers can create discrimination towards the non-users. Allowing the usage of said slippers can create a social class and status. Students who are well off will think that they are of a different level in the social ladder from those who don’t own a single pair of Havaianas or Ipanema. Besides, the non-users may resent school policies because the privileged can get away with breaking the school’s dress code. There is no point in making policies if others cannot follow them.

     Lastly, it suggests that some people are above the school policies. The use of expensive slippers should not exempt people from following the dress code. Dress codes are made for everyone to follow. Brands don’t matter, if what you’re wearing isn’t allowed, you should not be excused from the penalties entitled to such violation. If exemptions are made, it would show how poorly the dress code is being implemented.

     Thus, lapses in the implementation of the dress code should be taken care of. Allowing people to enter school while wearing flip-flops without given a violation can urge others to find ways to break other policies. So, it is better to nip the bud in order to avoid possible headache in the near future.