Sms Short Code – But Its List of Features is Long


If you are a business owner, a professional or simply the head of the marketing department of a large organization then one of the most cost effective and trendy ways to advertise your products or services in this digital age is via SMS. Mobile platform is fast catching up with mainstream marketing avenues. If you are new to mobile marketing the first question that will pop up in your head is; how can I market goods and services via SMS? The answer is bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a process of sending a text based marketing message to tens and thousands of opt-in mobile phone subscribers.

It is typically achieved with just a single click of a mouse button. As a user you will be thrilled to know that sending bulk SMS is done using SMS gateway; which means there is not need for a native device, such as a mobile phone to send messages. All you need is internet connection and bulk SMS software. SMS gateways are available in two subsets; high priority gateways and regular gateways. A regular gateway allows you to send Cheap Bulk SMS.

Here are some of the advantages of cheap bulk messaging.

1.    It provides the most cost effective option to send messages for marketing purpose.

2.    It is a great marketing, publicity & advertising method. It creates instant buzz around a product or a service.

3.    Fast and reliable. It allows you to send thousands of messages in a short time and that too with little effort.

4.    Mentioned below are some of its application areas.

•    Professionals use this avenue to advertise their services. Typical examples are; stock brokers, lawyers, educationists and a host of other people who send regular alerts to their clients.
•    Organizations exploit it for product launches, sending out promotional stuff and discount coupons.
•    There are yet another set of entities that use this platform to create social awareness.

Bulk SMS is sent with the help of desktop software, email application or a website.

SMS Short Code is a part of mobile marketing solution. So what exactly is a short code? Well, short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers to which subscribers can send text messages. These are used in tandem with a keyword or a name to identify or separate it from other messages.  A short code is used for interactive marketing tasks such as.

1.    To generate leads.

2.    An extremely popular tool to conduct polls and contests.

3.    Provide on demand services.

4.    It is also used to get customer response or feedback.

Below mentioned is an easy to understand example. Imagine you have come to a well known city for business and you want to know the weather forecast. Simply find out companies that provide SMS based weather service. The typical SMS code for fetching the weather data will be:

WEATHER (Keyword) to 676767 (short code)

Text Messaging is a cheap and efficient way to stay in touch with colleagues, business associates, family and friends. Mentioned below are some of the advantages of text based messaging.

1.    Organizations can use this avenue to keep their staff updated on various issues, such as events, promotions, meetings etc.

2.    Reduce communication spending by messaging instead of calling.

Marketing department can use messaging to communicate with clients.