So How Does a Keyword Help You Make Money Online?

In this online world, there is one thing to understand, you have a lot of power to make changes to improve your earnings.  The fact is that most people will complain that they are not making money online, than sit down and take a long hard look at their online portfolio.  This is a hard business to make money with, but if you don’t want to change, or stop complaining about what others have done to you, then you will be frustrated, or will learn to live with what you have.

Keywords are “key” to your money and your business– and how it can grow.  They will always be a part of getting traffic to your work, and then they will be a part of making certain that people will continue to read your work.  If you spend most of your time writing articles, but not learning about what makes your article good, you have a long way to go to passive income.

If you have a travel blog or website, it will do you no good to write about the history of the place you want people to visit, and not the “sights” of the city.  Conversely, if you write about making money it will not help your reader if you write about an online business that will not make money.  This is the same as your choice of keywords, if you pick the correct keyword, then you will make money that day, and make passive income over time.

For the remainder of this passive income is defined as:  The income that you make that does not involve your own “power” to make that money on that day.

If you want to increase your income, you need to change.  In this case, you will change your choice of keywords.  Take the above example and build on it.

Your blog on making money is growing, but you are not getting the traffic you want, or getting the money you need.  Since this is your blog, what you will need to fix is your choice of keywords within your blog.  Pick out, using Google Analytics and your stats for your blog, the posts, which you are surprised, are not making money for you or are getting more traffic than you would expect.

See where the traffic is coming from and what the keywords are which can be improved.  This means that you change your blog post, and add link from your other posts.  Increase the word count on a post, which is performing well above expectations, and add links there.

Also improve your choice of keywords since this does have an effect on your earnings, since then your blog post will be both search engine optimized and keyword optimized.  This requires a lot of change, and that will make a difference in your long-term passive income.

You do not have to do anything of course, you can be happy with the money you are making and the writing which you are doing, but the reality is that you can always improve on your passive income and your work.

If you want to increase your money, you have to want to change, and that means that you will need to do keyword research and learn about the simple ways to improve your earnings.  You choice to change is always there, and if you choose to change you will.