Social Entrepreneurship: The Latest Buzz Word of Corporate World


Some advertisements are really catchy just for an example the one of Tata Tea; do you remember it? Yes, “Jaago re” thing! It is one of my all-timefavorite television commercials, something I can never forget all my life.  It was very “thought provoking”that in fact it made many people; young and old, ponder over their decision of not voting during the election [including me]. The reason why I recounted this particular commercial is that nowadays there is a trend among big [and even small as well as medium]business houses to spread social awareness among the masses. Yes, you got it right – “Social entrepreneurship” is the latest buzz word in the corporate circle. We have numerous examples of modern day businessmen turned philanthropists like Warren Buffet, AzimPremji, Narayan Murthy, and many more who have dedicated their time and resources for the betterment of society as well as have take up initiatives in spreadingmessage and creating consciousness among the large number of people. Following in their footsteps, many people are turning towards learning the art of taking initiatives for the progress of society and the world on a whole.  And so to respond to this growing demand for socially responsible human-resources in the companies, many top notch B-schools offeringMBA programs that concentrates in preparing the students to be proficient inthe three Ps (Planet, People and Profit).

So, now the question is what is social entrepreneurship? – Okay, it is not so common word, so let me elaborate it – it is an application of entrepreneurial ideologies where the basic human values and sense of responsibility are merged, so to address the issuesconcerning the society on a whole like for example global warming, hazardous effects of industrialization, forced labor, corruption, immoral business practices, etc, and as a result of this growing feeling to contribute to the world and society many MBA colleges in Indiahave now turned their attention on refining and teaching skills that are needed to grow and sustain in competitive business along with equal consideration for society by spreading a general consciousness.

The world is shrinking, in today’s age, performing commercial activities in isolation is not possible. A corporate professional or an entrepreneur is expected to be a “part of the society”, and contribute their wealth and most importantly their experience for the advancement of masses in all walks of life i.e. mental, physical and emotional, thus bringing a change in the overall system. So, the MBA programs are now designed and planned in such a manner that it gives an inspiration to the managers or businessmen to look beyond the profit and loss; giving back whatever they have achieve for the progress of the society.

Number of MBA colleges in India, have therefore introduced many course on social entrepreneurship that actually concentrates on preparing professionals who are not hard core, cold and immensely practical business man who has no sense of responsibility for the society or the masses or the environment.

Sometimes it is really painful to see that humans [businessman]are concerned about their profit and not about the overall progress of the people and the environment. Thus, I feel that by the means of MBA programs we can groom the future generations who are more human and less of machine.