Solar Electricity – Non Conventional Energy Resources

nvention and use of new non-conventional energy resources is the need of the hour. As we all know, the conventional energy resources are available in limited quantities and one day they are going to finish completely. Due to the scarcity of conventional energy resources, their costs are also reaching to the skies and they are becoming non affordable. We still have some time to think about the non-conventional energy resources and practice using them in our day-to-day life. Solar electricity is one such option which can be used as an alternative to petroleum or gas energy resources. The sunlight is available in abundance in many parts of the world and without any costs. So, one can think about converting sunlight into the form of energies which can be used to light bulbs or drive vehicles on the roads. We all are using solar energies in one or other form but we are not much aware about that. Many people are also unaware about when and how, First Solar panel has been created to get electricity from sunlight. Lets discuss some points from the history of solar energy usages.

The evidence is available that First Solar energy utilization is done in the Egypt. The architecture of the pyramid shaped homes in Egypt. They were actually required to keep the heat away from their houses. So their houses were made up of thick bricks to keep the house insulated from the outer heat. The windows were made at top so that the excess heat could get escaped out of the house and required temperature can be maintained inside. Ancient Greek people have understood how to get maximum benefits from the solar energy to keep their houses cool during the daytime and warm at nights. The First Solar motor was created by Auguste Mouchout around 1861. It was actually a steam engine which used solar energy to run. At those times, the steam engines used coal as their fuel to run on the tracks and coal is also available in limited quantity and is going to be used up one day. During 1921, Einstein created a solar cell and generated solar electricity from that cell. He also won a Nobel Prize for Peace for this research work.

Until the year 1960, solar cells were also known as photovoltaic cells. Solar panels made from a collection of solar cells were used on the satellites and rockets to generate solar electricity for the internal operations of the satellites. Alexandre-Edmund Becquerel is supposed to invent First Solar cell. But equal credit should be given to the group of scientists from Bell laboratories. The efficiency of initial solar panels was just one percent and the creation of such panels was very expensive. So it was not practically feasible to use solar panels in normal use. After this initial invention, many scientists started working on the solar electricity which can be used in routine life. Clarence Kemp invented a water heater which worked solar energy and he also got a patent for this invention.

Since the [url=]First Solar [/url]  invention, all mankind is getting benefits from [url=]solar electricity [/url] . It is a very wonderful energy resource which has a less cost. Once installed, one can enjoy the benefits of solar energy for longer times.

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