Some Important Facts to Know About Gemini Horoscope

They put their hands in a lot of activities which might make then jack of all trades and master of none. They are inconsistent and do not stick to one thing for long. They tend to get bored of one thing very easily and move on to another. They are not very good in dealing with people of opposite sex. They are aware of their own shortcomings and tend to be deceitful at times. The duality of their nature will make them both good and bad, leader and follower, at the same time. But most of the time they focus on their good side and ignore the bad side. Usually they hate unpleasant things and will be always running away from them. However they have very strong concentration skills. They have good observation skills but it is difficult for them to promptly arrive at decisions. When they are not able to do so they withdraw themselves. They will always be thinking about something which will exhaust their mind and make them mentally tired. It is very interesting to have a conversation with Gemini. You will learn a lot from them. They are intelligent, have a good sense of humour and know how to make people be at ease. They are good at jokes and can be clever pranksters. They love being amused and having good time with their friends.

Gemini horoscope usually is shy of commitments and emotional involvements. They try to avoid intimacy as much as possible and try to overcome it with humour. They can be good friends but it might be a little difficult to make them commit. Their duality comes in the way of love and relationships and sometimes it is difficult to understand them. At one time they can be fun to be with, and at other times they can be too critical. Their sharp minds make them observant of minute details. They are social people who love to be among people than live in solitude. They value their friendship and relations and keep their loved ones close to them. They are good at convincing people, to make things work in their favour. Their inconsistent attitude may not make them perfectly disciplined workers. As mentioned earlier they get easily bored, so a typical 9 to 5 job is not for them. The need to be kept on their toes by providing new challenges, adventure and fun. Thus they can be good journalists, activists, travelling agents etc. They are diplomatic, knowledgeable and ambitious and can do well as lawyers, businessman, secretary, agent, broker etc. They need to be careful with the upper part of their body as most of their health concerns will be related to them. Hence Gemini horoscope and Gemini astrology will come handy when we need to know in-depth about these individuals.