some important points to get a visa( part2):

the forth thing is that always be prepared for extra copies or photo copies of your passport pages, application form or extra photograph because some times the requirments change with out your notice so just to keep the safe side always keep extra copies.some embassies are so far from places where you can make photo copies of your documants and that may waste your time a lot and in the ques!

the fifth thing you need to know is that for the  some certain countries you may need extra copies of application forms.

the sixth important point is that dont forget to get the reciept when you gave all your documents to the embassy and paied for the visa( even if you didnt pay any thing ) because later on when you want to collect the visa they will need you to present the slip( receipt).

the seventh important issue is that in all cases your passport should have at least one blank page left and in most cases should have another 6 month validity before the expiry always check your passport.

the eighth important thing is : always sign the forms and dont forget to put the date.

The nineth important thing is always apply for the visa one month ahead or in some cases ( eg. Japan, USA,  European Union,USA and  Hongkong ) apply even earlier than that.

and the last important thing is don’t listen to rumurs about that the embassies of this or that country dont like our people or are neglectant! just do your right work and know that all embassies work based on detailed rules and regulations so you have to meet those criteria to have a pleasant journey and stay in those countries.