Some Outstanding Qualities That a Teacher Should Posses

Individual personalities may be described as either authoritative, weak, dynamic, magnetic or another else. A teacher’s personality should be seen as a natural as well as a genuine personality. Teachers must be seen consistent, true as well as authentic in all the things that they say, and in all the things they do. However, there are certain personal qualities or attributes that the teacher should posses.

The first quality is the “passion” in teaching. The passionate teacher caters and responds for the learners needs in learning especially those learners who experienced difficulties to learn.

The second quality is the “humor”. Humor or humorous can be defined as something that is funny, eliciting a smile, a laughter as well as amusing reaction. Having a sense of humor is an essential quality in teaching relation between the teacher and the learner.

The third quality is the possession of good “values and attitudes”. Because teachers serve as role models for their students, they should seen a good values and attitudes to be able to establish a positive social learning among the students.

Among of these values and attitudes are the open-mindedness, fairness and impartiality, sincerity and honesty and professionalism.

Open-mindedness promotes respects as well as trust to the teachers and students. Open-minded individuals often resolve problems in a democratic way, through this the students will be able to accept or consider ones ideas or explanations.

Fairness and Impartiality will eventually eliminate prejudices or discrimination among the students. With this, the teachers could avoid the possibility of being unbiased in the judgment of the learner’s performance.

Sincerity and honesty are also important factors as the students or the learners usually interact or associate with the teachers. With this the teacher must show their real self avoiding those pretenses and half-truths as to be able to spread sincerity as well as honesty to the students.

Professionalism is one of the qualities that are highly treasured in the field of teaching. The teachers can be considered as adjudge individuals or professionals if they posses knowledge, skills and values in their field of profession. With this, they will earn respects from the students as well as it is easy for them to catch student’s attention and keep their focus on the topic that is being discussed.

The fourth quality that a teacher should posses is the “patience”. Patience in teaching can be defined as an uncomplaining nature, having a self control as well as persistence. Teachers should posses their nature as they deal with different student with different personalities and nature.

The fifth quality is the “enthusiasm”. Enthusiasm in teaching can be defined as the eagerness as well the excitement to teach.