Some Theories about Ghost Sightings


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After my previous article, “Why Most of Us Don’t See Ghosts” I find it fitting to follow up with another sequel since ghost stories are dreadful subjects when you’re alone but an exciting topic for dialogue when you’re with a companion. So be sure you’re with somebody when you read this article. I mean somebody alive, not the one just standing there beside you but you can’t see and talk (kidding). It’s a matter of how we see it really, although I’m faint hearted myself. Fear of ghosts could be compared to a person who doesn’t know what a mirror is. Seeing one, he was amazed with a shiny piece of ‘metallic’ rectangular thing with wooden frame at the sides. He took it and stared at it in close range and saw himself. Seeing his shocked face reflected he panicked and was overcome by dread.

As of 20 October 2009, the world population was estimated by the United States Census Bureau at 6.792 billion (Wikipedia). If we should think about the beginning of civilization to the present with varied estimate of how old is our planet, you just have to imagine how many ghosts we could get. If you have watched “Lord of the Rings” at that part where Aragorn summoned the ghosts of dead knights to take part in the battle against the Dark Lord Sauron, perhaps you could multiply that a hundred times and you have the estimated number of ghosts in the world to date. So if you’re afraid of ghosts, you’re simply out of place.

The Portal – We may compare this from a science fiction concept of wormholes. Certain areas around our physical plane of being exhibits certain abnormality which serves as an entry point to another world, another plane of existence or a different place in the same physical plane. Like a door, you may pass through it and arrive at another place. Psychics believe that ghosts who are often seen on a particular area maybe simply passing by from the spirit world. This “door” doesn’t apply to ghosts alone but other creatures. We may have fairies, gnomes, trolls, elves whatever. An old tree along the curve of a road maybe mies, gnomeame lace.ry point to another world, another plane of existence or a difore than a tree, your basement maybe an outlet to another world, that old painting on the wall may extend back to another horizon; that mirror…well, just be sure it’s your face showing up. There are infinite possibilities as to how these portals may appear before our eyes. Back in our old house when I was a child, we often heard strange footsteps on the staircase before gentle knocks on the door; when my aunt opened up to welcome the would be visitor, there would be nobody outside. At one time my older cousin lost sight of me playing by near the door and after looking for hours, she told my mom I just suddenly popped out in the same spot later. Only when we did have our house renovated and allowed a psychic bless it with a priest then we were informed by the former that our door was aligned to a “busy street” where ghosts and other creatures pass through. Well as a child, I had a vague recollection of where I’ve gone during my disappearance.  

Resident Ghost – This would often refer to a place or spot where a particular ghost would show up. When a tragic accident happened where a life was lost, this ghost will show up during that same time the accident happened. It could be a white lady, a small child, etc. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up the exact time it would show up, and if it senses a living individual susceptible to sense them and they will appear. A room in the house with a loved one who had fallen sick and died maybe a common example, aside from the visual, there could be no disturbance or haunting and the entire household may take it for granted. There are several offices and establishments where people working in the place are so open minded about these visuals and ‘residents’ were regarded as added feature to freak out costumers or new employees.

The Death Zone – This involves a place where many lives were lost in the past. This could be a bridge, a portion on the highway, or an old house. Let us say, a bridge used to be an ambush area during the war were a platoon of soldiers were surprised by the enemies to their death, an old house where a religious cult used to offer human sacrifices centuries ago, or a town plaza where outlaws were hanged during time immemorial. The feature of this place is very creepy, unusual, etc. For unknown reason, electronic devices may not function. A car’s engine may suddenly conked out in the middle of the road before an accident happens, a child may stumble upon the ground while playing and never rise up again, in short this place takes lives without apparent reason. As for the place where my mother met her death aboard a passenger jeep, old folks in the area told that it was the spot where lots of guerilla soldiers were caught and slaughtered by the Japanese during World War II. That span of a kilometer highway in the middle of a ricefield could claim 5 lives in a year in various road accidents. At one time, farmers were burning dried hay to clear the ricefield for planting and despite quite a distance from the highway, the smoke converged at the middle of the road at the moment a tricycle and a truck were supposed to pass each other on opposite directions. The tricycle was hit by the truck causing it to lose control and hit the side of the road. The momentum took the poor vehicle at the site of the burning pile of hay. Nobody came to the rescue and the driver was torched to death when the gas tank exploded at the burning.