Some Unique And Unusual Features Of Windows 8


Windows 8 or Chidori (it’s code name) is the upcoming version of Microsoft’s OS after Windows 7. Windows 8 is not too far from us, we are just some months away from its first look. The release date for it is not yet declared. So we have to stay content with the developer’s preview which was released on February 29 this year.

Features of Windows 8:

Here are some of the unusual and unique features of Windows 8:

  • New Metro Interface:  Windows 8 has completely different interface for the benefit of the users. It has one of the most aphrodisiacal interface among all the recently released OS. In it there are no menus and frames on-screen but the content itself.
  • Windows To Go: The feature enables the booting of Windows 8 directly from the USB. This is known as Live Operating System. Earlier only Linux-based operating system used to have this feature.
  •  Internet Explorer 10: Windows 8 has the latest version of internet explorer. Internet Explorer 10 is completely different from its earlier versions. The new explorer has changed a lot. It is much faster comparatively, and is among the top in the commercial market.
  •  RAM consume: Believe it or not but Windows 8 consumes less than 300 MB RAM for its smooth and proper functioning.
  •  Windows Store: Windows 8 has its own app store named Windows Store. This app is capable of hosting thousands of games and applications which can be purchased or downloaded. It is the most awaited feature of Windows 8. We have seen this feature in apple’s Mac only. Hence it will be of interest to see how Windows runs its app store.
  •  Touch Screen: It is touch sensitive as well. Windows 8 has the latest Internet Explorer 10 which is touch sensitive as well. Users can now just more their fingers on the screen rather than using keyboard and mouse. This feature is less time-consuming, attractive and beneficial.
  •  Compatible with tablet and PC: Windows 8 is capable to run on tablets and PC as well. So it is user-friendly for tablet users as well. It can be used on PC also. This is  the  first time Microsoft has launched it.
  •  Boot time Deduction: The booting of the system takes place at a very rocking speed. It takes approximately 8 seconds for booing after the machine is switched ON. Thus it is less time-consuming and is very easy to handle.
  •  Refresh and Reset: These are the two new recovery functions included in Windows 8. Refresh can store all Windows file to their original state while Reset can take the computer back to the factory default condition.


With its awesome and unbelievable features people will be compelled to install it at least once. The  developer’s preview can be installed from the official site of Microsoft. Install this OS on your touch sensitive pc or otherwise and make use of its entirely new and unique outlook. A treat for a Windows fan.