Songs to God, Praises And Writtings of a Revived Soul

Songs of redemption

Ch 1 (written sometime Jan 08 after God sorted a few things out in my head about my hardships due to my injury last year)

At seeing just a small glimpse of your plan I marvel at your ways

Who is like the Lord my God?

You saved me from the mouth of hell

You push back the gates of oblivion that tempted me to open

I had lost all hope and feared my own life

But you sustained me even as I pushed you away

Who is like our God?

I without doubt will stumble again

But when I do

I lift my eyes up to the mountains

To catch even one breathe of your life

I will hide in your strong tower

And when I die I will live in your holy city

I am free in Christ my victory

Each breath is a blessing from heaven and not a right

I will praise you my Father for you’re mercy to me

No one is like the Lord God of heaven and earth, no one

Ch 2 (written 2/14/08)

Even now the infection is burning in my heart

Like a thorn imbedded deep in my flesh

I call to you my God

Please heal me of the sickness I indeed have fed

You understand me deeper then I could know

And love me as I continue to stray down wrong roads

My heart truly yearns to change

But the pattern of my flesh outmatch my heart’s might

That is when I give in and relies

That the only way I win is with you at my side

My strength comes from you

And I have no power apart from you O Rock of my salvation

You never turn your back on me

And carry me when I do more than just skin my knee

Ch 3 (4/16/08)

You pick me up when I am weak

 I am nothing apart from your strength

Men marvel at my strength but I tell them

It is you that determines what I am capable of

And you oh Lord that gives me what I have

For we live at you will

It is the fate we must accept

But it is better to live in truth then

Accept the lies and die within

And I am bless even as I fail you

For life without you is a meaningless attempt

You are life, you are hope, you are justice, and you are love

For we are created in your image

That is why we suffer so if we stray from you

Not to say your children have no pain

But next to the peace of spirit you give

Such pain is a lowly price

Writings of Wisdom


Part 1

And that is the human condition

That the fear of pain stops us from feeling

We see the truth but it’s not what we want

So we force our self to believe the lies

We cut open even our own souls

As we watch our soul’s blood feed the fire

We know the truth but we won’t let it set us free

And even if we lie to ourselves, believing it’s not true

In the end, the truth will prove to us we always knew

Jesus’ grace breaks our chains

But we won’t accept the pain he gave

Part 2

The fool never could say how he sleeps at night

For his life is grasping at the wind

But yet it’s true that at some point we are all like fools

There are questions that plague our soul

Yet the answers we are scared to hold

Sometime I feel as if alone in a field

And bright flames, surrounded by painful lies

I allow the liar to trick me

And my heart becomes callous, o my soul, it bleeds

And I sin against my God

I become scared of the flames and let them make me a slave

To my fear, and the numbness in my heart

Then my Lord tells me I must walk though the flames

I don’t want to go

I don’t want the pain

The Callous has become acceptable and the pain has me gripped with fear

He calls to me again and tells me to let go

Of my sin, of my pride, of my fear

And that’s when I remember he set me free from sin so I could live

These flames are the chains of death

And my sin is what gives them air to breath

By his strength I can walk thought the flames and conquer even death