Sony Zooms in For Its Close up in 3D And HD

Sony has announced two megazoom cameras, which it claims will allow photographers to snap away with a bigger zoom, while experiencing less blur.


The two high-end cameras come from the Cyber-shot stable and are dubbed the HX100V and HX9V.

The HX100V boasts a massive 30x zoom, while the HX9V offers a still-impressive 16x zoom. However, both offer Full HD video, have a dedicated button to start recording, and are capable of capturing speedy action thanks to their 1920 x1080 50p capability.

Both cameras have a 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, and the flagship HX100V has a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonar lens that features a T* coating to pretty much eliminate flare. With its powerful zoom lens, and anti-flare properties it will appeal to those going on holiday, taking photos of sports events or wildlife. The camera has the shape and feel of a DSLR, while the HX9v is smaller and lighter, and carries a high-performance 24mm G-Lens with 16x zoom capabilities for a pretty decent all-round snapper.

Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode is found on both cameras to allow the user to zoom in and still produce blur-free images – telephoto lenses are notorious for exposing camera shake.

3D technology also gets a look-in, with both cameras featuring three 3D shooting modes – 3D Sweep Panorama, 3D Still Image and Sweep Multi Angle. And in a Cyber-Shot first, there is an Intelligent Sweep Panorama High Resolution mode – press the shutter and sweep around to capture panoramic pictures at a resolution of 10480×4096.

Both cameras boast high-speed autofocus (as quick as 0.1 seconds) and a nifty mode called Background Defocus – this combines two frames to create a crisp foreground with a smooth, blurred background.

For photographers who like that touch more control, the HX100V has a manual control ring for adjusting focus or zoom, particularly useful for macro photography.

And here’s an intriguing add-on for anyone who has a lot of parties, or takes pictures at a number of events. The DS1 Party Shot is a docking station that allows your cameras to track subjects in the scene and then take candid shots of them. The Party Shot works by recognising faces in the scene and then tilting, panning and zooming to get the best shot. The docking station is compatible with the HX9V. A bit pricey at anything upwards of 100 quid, but it could prove priceless the morning after the night before…