speed painting process

It’s a video I made of my first speed painting video… xP

Hi everyone,

before I’ve show you a video of a black and white drawing, and now, I’m showing you an full color drawing, the process is too much longer than the other, but I enjoyed it, and it feels short.

As you can see, I created this drawing while I sketched him, because with that I practice my creativity. I recommend that if you draw sometimes, do so in that way, not just by copying drawings, but creating them, but while you draw, not before …

I do not know if it is clear, but I did start drawing the character’s body measurements, taking into account the size of the head. I recommend you do that to draw people, for better proportions. Quite simply, the average adult has between 8 and 9 heads and a normal child between 7 to 6 heads, etc. but not a rule, i.e., you can make a character with three heads and still be provided if you know where to delimit each head.

I say that because, for example, in the character, which was a semi-adult, I used 8 heads, each of which demarcated thus:

1. Head.

2. Chest (nipples)

3. Navel (and elbows)

4. Genitalia (i.e., below them, I do not know what it is called there xD)

5. Midthigh.

6. Knees.

7. Half the calves

8. Heels

With these measures you can get well-proportioned characters, that is, people get more realistic in their designs, and finally, more professional results.

In the following video I will explain how to make faces, manga and realistic ones … Well, even I do not have the training necessary to make very realistic faces on the PC (I bought the graphics tablet a few days ago) but at least show the measures and interesting things about that.

Well, here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it

Watch the video on Youtube!!