Spring Onions – Health Benefits

Green onions are known to reduce the levels of cholesterol and lower the blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. They also contain substances that prevent the formation of blood clots (in smaller amounts then regular onions, but still useful).

Traditional Chinese medicine uses them to cure sinus infections, probably due to their high content of vitamin C, which is also good when fighting against cold and flu.

Spring onions contain a substance called quercitin, which is used against tumors. That’s why eating them regularly reduces the risk for several types of cancer, in particular colon cancer. This substance might also be associated with some anti-inflammatory effects, thus reducing the symptoms in cases of arthritis.

For diabetes patients, spring onions are particularly beneficial, because they help keep sugar levels under control and increase the tolerance to glucose.

Calories in Spring Onions

As you might imagine, the calorie content of spring onions is very low, roughly about 32 calories per 100 grams.

Spring Onions

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More nutritional information about spring onions

100 grams contain:

– 4 grams of dietary fiber

– vitamin C – about 15% of the daily requirement

– vitamin A – about 5% of the daily requirement

– small amounts of iron and calcium

How to Store Spring Onions

Many people have problems storing spring onions even for a couple of days, and thus prefer to buy only in small quantities, what they can eat for the day. When picking spring onions from the market, make sure the leaves are green, not withered, and the bulb is white and firm. If it turned yellowish, then it’s too late, the onion is no longer good for eating.

At home, try wrapping the green onions on a moist paper towel – make sure you don’t wet the towel too much, just a bit of moisture – and then put them in the refrigerator. This will allow them to stay fresher for many days. Take off the outer layer, if you see it going bad.

Just like the regular onions, make sure you don’t put them in a different compartment, away from other foods, because they still have that pregnant onion smell. You can also chop them off in small pieces and refrigerate them, and then use whenever needed.

Quick recipe ideas for spring onions

Of course, the most obvious choice is to chop them and add them to a fresh salad. They go great with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes – pretty much any veggie you can think of.

You can also grill them. Season them lightly with salt, pepper and oil, and put them on the grill, until they are a bit soft and brown in places.

Add chopped green onions to omelets, cottage cheese or whipped cheese. That’s just what’s so great about them, they don’t require any complicated or elaborate cooking, they’ll do well with a lot of quick recipes.