Squared Circle Blog ; Six Sided Ring Goes Away

New blog about priorites being screwed up on both the WWE side and The TNA side.

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” Squared Circle Blog
Well it’s all but official, the six sided ring’s days are numbered. The one thing that set itself apart from the WWE will be phased out quickly and replaced with a traditional four sided. That word traditional is a funny one some times .it can mean tried and true, rock solid , dependable .then again it could mean stale , boring , time has past you by. From the opening shot of every house show , Impact , or PPV, you knew it was TNA and know your just another pretender to the throne with some outdated ideas about how to do things. I will be officially starting a Face book page soon with a petition to keep the hexagon shaped ring and I hope you will come to it and sign.
And yet another “traditional” move , there has been a lot of chatter about an NOW reunion for TNA ‘s big three hour launching this coming Monday night . Scott Hall has been throwing little hints out on Twitter and other sites he has just recently launched . With Nash already there and X-pac between gigs, it’s probably going to happen. Should it happen is another thing. Hall is no where near in shape and giving the history of the whole thing , why do it at all. This is a sure sign when they rehash old ideas that they don’t have any good new ones

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