Stained Concrete Floors

You will find concrete much in demand by designers and homeowners equally. It is used extensively and creatively in homes, offices, restaurants, retail outlets and malls. The pack leader though is stained concrete floors! When applied properly to a clean surface, an acid based concrete stain color will be permanent.

Whatever other way you opt for when coloring, nothing can offer that royal look that stained concrete floors can impart. The color of stained concrete floors does not crack, peel or dull making it the most amazing flake proof permanent color. What more could you ask for than be the owner of a beautiful floor that can withstand the tests of time?

Rather than leave your concrete bare, stained concrete floors give you the option to add that personal creativity to your area. Use it for your living room, patio, walkway or even the kitchen countertop. The choice of colors with stained concrete floors is not limited either. You can choose from earthy tones of cotta, brown, tan and soft blue-green. Don’t just stop there, mix two colors to get a new shade altogether for your stained concrete floors or simply coat one over the other for a special effect! When working with a contractor, ask them for a sample of the various colors they work with if your creativity ends with the browns.

Since concrete is porous, it is the perfect surface for stains. However, if the surface is not clean and has traces of dust, grime, glue, curing membrane, coating or a sealer; it will be difficult for the stain to soak in and do what it does to concrete. Check the surface of your concrete with water â sprinkle some and see whether it penetrates. If you find that water beads at the surface then the stain will not penetrate either.

When applying the color, use proper safety gear since acid stains produce harmful fumes. Do not leave your skin exposed at any place, this means you must wear a dust mask and goggles too. Most professionals prefer to spray the paint though you can use a broom or a brush. Make sure the area is well ventilated. Once you have colored your concrete, use a diamond edge saw to cut designs and patterns in the floor. This is great when you use multiple colors on stained concrete floors for demarcating color boundaries.

Remember the more stain you use on your stained concrete floors, the richer the color will be. For a glossy finish to the floor, add a sealer as a top coat. Test it out on first to see if you will like it though! If you have a few hours over the weekend, why not make this the perfect do-it-yourself project? Stained concrete floors are the most inexpensive way to beautify your floors while protecting them as well. Especially in the areas that get the heaviest footfall in the house like the dining area or the family room will certainly be a great idea to begin with. Never again will the wife be so happy with your do-it-yourself idea than when you propose stained concrete floors!