Star Wars Hailfire Droid Rc Instructions


Instructions on how to use your star wars hailfire droid rc a new star wars rc toy.

Star wars hailfire droid as you might have already now is a new star wars rc toy from a toy company that is called Hasbro. Hasbro star wars collection have know included remote controlled toys that includes the new star wars rc hailfire droid vehicle. While the radio control hailfire droid is marketed as a rc toy car, in reality it is not as close in controls as those traditional remote controlled cars.

The radio control hailfire droid is a different kind of remote control toys that you might have played before. With this star wars hailfire droid rc, there are no left or right levers that control the left or right in those traditional rc car toys. The levers that you have in this hailfire droid remote control is independent controls for the 2 wheels that only do forward and reverse. In here, I will teach you on how to play with your rc hailfire droid star wars remote control toy.

There are 2 levers and 1 button in the remote control of this  star wars hailfire droid rc vehicle. The left lever controls the left wheel and the right lever controls the right lever. The button controls the rc cars function that shoot plastic projectiles which would make this an rc car with a gun. You can do turns and spins with your star wars hailfire droid rc by adjusting the two levers.

Moves you can do with your hailfire droid rc

Forward – 2 levers pushed forward

Backward – 2 levers pushed backward

Left Turn – right lever maxed while only throttling the left lever forward a little bit

Right Turn – left lever maxed while only throttling the right llever forward a little bit

Left Spin- Right lever forward maxed while left lever backward maxed

Right pin – Left lever forward maxed while right lever backward maxed

The star wars the clone wars radio control hailfire droid is a little bit complicated to use than those traditional rc toy cars but it is more fun to play with your remote control star wars hailfire droid. A new star wars rc that is a great buy is the star wars hailfire droid rc.