Starcraft 2 Beta New Protoss Unit Spotlight: Immortal

The Protoss Immortal is a new ground unit appearing in Starcraft 2. It is a very strong unit that can shrug off high damage attacks and do terrible, terrible damage to Armored units and structures.

The Basics

The Immortal is built at the Robotics Facility, for a cost of 250 minerals, 100 vespene gas, and 4 psi. Classified as an Armored Mechanical unit, the Immortal has 200 hit points, 100 shields, 1 armor, and a Move Speed of Normal.

The Immortal attacks with its Phase Disruptors, doing 20 damage with a bonus of 30 extra damage against Armored units and structures. The Immortal’s impressive attack power is offset by a somewhat short Range of 5 and a Weapon Speed of Slow.

The Immortal has a unique passive ability in its Hardened Shield, which reduces the damage of any high damage regular attack to 10 as long as the Immortal’s shields are still up. This works great against Siege Tanks in Siege mode, as the 60 damage is reduced all the way down to 10. Special attacks such as the Battlecruiser’s Yamato Cannon and the Raven’s Seeker Missle do not activate the Immortal’s Hardened Shield and still do full damage.        

Available Upgrades For The Immortal

There are 3 available upgrades that the Immortal can benefit from at the Forge. Each Ground Weapons upgrade adds 2 base damage and 3 bonus damage against Armored to the Immortal’s Phase Disruptors, each Ground Armor upgrade adds 1 regular armor, and each Plasma Shields upgrade adds 1 armor to the Immortal’s shields.

Immortal Strengths

The Immortal is fantastic when facing anything on the ground with the Armored classification. It quickly destroys Marauders, Roaches, Stalkers, and does exceptionally well against Siege Tanks. The Immortal is also great at destroying buildings since all structures have the Armored classification. They can easily blast through Terran choke-points that are walled-off, even if the Terran has Siege Tank support. 

Immortal Weaknesses

The Immortal does have a few vulnerabilities. It can only attack ground units and structures, so any air unit that can attack ground can fire away at the Immortal with impunity. The Immortal can also be taken down by enemy units that do lots of low damage attacks quickly, including Marines, Zerglings, and Zealots.

A third vulnerability is to Terran Ghosts that target Immortals with their EMP to wipe out the Immortal’s shields instantly. This deactivates the Immortal’s Hardened Shield, making it take normal damage.

Best Uses Of The Protoss Immortal

The Immortal is best used to counter an opponent that is using lots of Armored ground units. It is also exceptional when used to break through heavily fortified choke-points. When supported with complementary units to offset its weaknesses, the Immortal can be a very fearsome addition to your Protoss army.