Stargate Sg-1: Chimera

Stargate SG-1: Chimera has some interesting changes.  I like the show, but it is definitely different in some aspects.

One really weird thing is that all of a sudden, out of the blue, with no setup or explanation, Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) owns a home.  He’s always had an apartment and, now, wham, he’s a homeowner.

Another unique thing, but one I adore, is that Sam has a boyfriend, Pete.  He’s a Denver cop, and they sizzle.  They have this great first scene at a diner, and Sam is definitely not in her BDUs.  They actually talk about her Black Widow curse.

Pete is portrayed by David Deluise, brother of SG-1 writer and director Peter Deluise. Sam gets a new dimension here, something that is a logical progression after the Grace episode. She dresses sexily in this show, and they have an awesome date, too.  Amanda Tapping, who plays Sam, has said that Deluise was the best kisser of all of her SG-1 romances.

One more surprise was that SG-1 finally rescued a human who had been taken as a host by the Goa’uld.  This was their first rescue, although we have seen others saved before.

Chimera is a great show.  It’s just awesome and created a hope for a good future.