Stargate Sg-1: Moebius Part 1

Stargate SG-1: Moebius Part 1 had some good moments, but at the same time, it’s the beginning of the end of the true Stargate SG-1.  That is revealed in the second part, however.

The first part isn’t bad.  I actually don’t mind watching it.  What happens is that SG-1 goes back in time to get a ZPM.  Bad mistake, as the team soon learns.

In the course of the show, a recurring character is killed off, and I didn’t like that.  I won’t mention who, but this show kills off way too many characters in my opinion.

There is a very nice scene between Jack and Daniel shortly after the funeral, and it is what ultimately sets up the story.  I just like the Jack and Daniel banter and interaction in this first part of the show.

I totally dislike Sam who has turned silly stupid once again, and I think that’s all I’ll say about that.  The end of season 8 just isn’t a good time for this character.

I love the guest shots in this show.  Both Don S. Davis and Colin Cunningham appear.

There is a crucial line to remember from this show, and it’s spoken by Jack.  He very clearly that s that he doesn’t have any fish in his pond. Remember that line!