Stargate Sg-1: There But For The Grace of God

Stargate SG-1: There But For the Grace of God is part of a plot arc that has Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) traveling to an alternate universe.  This episode is truly one of the best shows in the entire series.

In There But For the Grace of God, Daniel encounters a quantum mirror which is ultimately his portal to the alternate universe.  He doesn’t realize that at first, though, which lends to some wonderful moments.

When Daniel first walks down the ramp and is faced by the unexpected, it’s just classic.  While the people are the same, they aren’t in the same places, and that is part of the big time fun.

Michael Shanks does a super job playing the confused archaeologist.  I especially love his delivery when he has a line about the whole thing being a really wacky dream.

I absolutely adore how, once again, Daniel gets Jack to listen, even the Jack of this alternate place doesn’t even know Daniel.  It’s the power of their bond, regardless of time or place.

I’m not fond of the AU Jack and Sam connection, which I have never liked anywhere.

For me, this show was a hoot overall.  It was the beginning of the 4 part arc, and it really lures the viewer in.