Starting a New Relationship

The first thing to know is there is a right person for everyone who desires it.  Being open for a new relationship is healthy and will give you a fresh outlook on life.  There are many ways to establish a new relationship.  One way in particular is online dating.  It can be fun and safe if you find the right online dating site.  Make it fun and not stressful.  Also, getting setup on a blind date is still trendy, as long as the person setting up the date is aware of your meets and requirements.

The steps to make a new relationship possible and workable:

1. Look inside yourself to make sure that you have dealt with “self healing” from a past hurt, so that you will not attractive an inapposite person again.
2. Be patient with the timing to allow the right person to come, as scheduled.
3. Stop being picky and let go of your judgments.  Good things come in the least expected package.
4. Work on your personal to-do-self list while you are waiting. 
5. Do a “personality” check-up.
6. De-clutter your life and home.  It will make the relationship work smoother.
7. Stay active. Get involved with groups like
8. Love who you are and walk in self confident, because this will radiate to your date.
9. Read up on current events.
10. Dress for the occasion. Stay ready for your new love to come.

Do not believe the myth that the right relationship is not out there for you.  One of my friends took up golf and met her now husband on the golf course. My theory is if it can happen for others, it can happen for me. 

Always think and speak positive about what want.  Rid your mind of all doubts. If your old friends are in a rut… find new friends.  Enjoy your life and live in the present. New relationships develop every day and yours could be right around the corner.