Starting From an Existing Query

If you have already written a query that is useful for one report but only needs a few changes in order to make it useful for another report, you can use that query to write another. This eliminates the need to rewrite the-portion of the query that is useful in your new report.

When you start from an existing query, you.tise the same dialog box and tabs you used when you initially created that query. The steps that follow call attention to only those items that you may need to use differently.

To base a new query pn an existing query:

1. Click the Start from Existing Seagate Query button on the New Query dialog box. The File Open dialog box appears, listing existing queries in the default query path.

2. Select the query file you want to use and click OK. The query opens in the SQL Designer window.

3. Click the Edit Query toolbar button, or click the Edit, Query menu command. The Create SQL Expert appears.

4. Enter a name for the new query iri the Query name text box.

5. Edit the query text as required. Click OK when you finish. Refer to the section “Entering the SQL Statement Directly” for more detailed in­formation on using this dialog box.