State of Emergency Declared in West Kingston

In Tivoli Gardens, the constituency of the Prime Minister, the road blocks went up on Tuesday. The community is now a fortress.  Gunmen from across the island have amassed in Tivoli to assist the defense. 

Although no one seemed to understand that the protection of Chris Coke, the leader of the Shower Posse by the Prime Minister encouraged various branches of the gang to claim turf all over Jamaica, and the ensuing murder rate was a direct cause, perhaps now the ‘intelligensia’ will realise it.

Bruce Golding, as many weak leaders, sought to ‘use’ the power of those who had it.  He never realised that he didn’t ‘use’ them. They used him. And he has no more say over what happens in ‘his’ constituency than do you.

If ever proof was needed of Golding’s inability this would be the example.  His Constitutency, not anothers, which has decided to become its own republic and fight against the state powers which he is exercising.

The police station in Hannah Town has been burnt to the ground. Attacks have been made against the Denham Town, and Darling Street Police stations.

Buses have ceased to run within two miles of downtown Kingston. 

Golding will soon address the country.  You might as well watch an old episode of DS9 for the effect his speech with have, because he speaks for no one.  He has no Constituency; his position in Parliament and as Prime Minister is simply show.

He spoke as if he didn’t know the Constituency or the people therein, as if the country doesn’t know those are his voters.  As if the country is not aware that very soon the Jamaican police will force into a housing development as if the American forces in Afghanistan, and that dozens of people are about to die.

All of this, unnecessary, all of this caused by Bruce Golding