Staying in a Relationship With The Wrong Partner

Often some people will find themselves in a long term relationship with the wrong partner. These people continue this lifestyle because they’re comfortable and they’re afraid to be alone. They already invest so much that they don’t want to lose the value of their investment. They have mistakenly had a child with the person. They don’t feel like they can get another partner. There are some old couple who will suffer a lot of they do break up. They’re too old and no one will want to be with them. There is a lot of fear out there that keep them with the wrong partner. Is it wrong to stay with the wrong partner? I think as long as you’re not miserable then it’s alright. A friendship is better than no friendship. However, if you’re miserable then you should look for alternatives.

For example, my parents don’t like each other that much anymore. They bicker every day. They can’t divorce because they have young kids and they are too old and poor looking that no one else would want to date them. They would be alone forever. They’re afraid to lose their investment and they don’t want to be alone and miserable so they stay together and they’re more friends than lovers but as long as they’re comfortable, I don’t have any objection to it.

If you are feeling miserable, it could be that you are with a wrong partner. If you are young enough, it’s time to get out of it and be happy. You can look for a new partner. There are so many singles on dating websites. You can find yourself someone and be happy about it. A lot of women date other people for financial convenience and they do not love their partner that much. They look at it like it’s a business, more income for them. However, these are the ones than twill is miserable later on. Men date women just because they want a partner or they couldn’t find anyone else so they stick with what they got. However, I think it’s better to not have a relationship then to have a bad relationship. You can focus on your career, friends, pets, family and you will be just as happy until someone cool comes along.