Step Up Your Smile With A Good Toothbrush And Mouthwash

Dental Hygiene is One Thing, A Beautiful Smile is Another

Why are toothpaste and mouthwash sold right along with men’s skin care? At first, it seems like a misfit. Men’s skin care products are primarily geared toward good looks, and oral hygiene products are geared toward encouraging oral health. The truth is, both skin care and mouth care products are designed for good health AND good looks.

Men’s skin care products make skin look radiant and smooth. They also protect against skin discomfort and unhealthy skin ailments by keeping skin clean, hydrated and exfoliated. Toothpaste and mouthwash assist you keep your mouth clean to protect against bacteria, tartar, plaque and gum disease. However, oral hygiene products also promote fresh breath and pearly white enamel—two very important qualities when it comes to what other people think of you.

Toothpaste Qualities Help You Reach Men’s Grooming Goals
Most toothpastes include a mild abrasive, the main ingredient designed to clean food and residue off of your teeth. Abrasives in a toothpaste also are the main ingredients that whiten teeth, contrary to popular belief. Abrasives with a finer grit reach deeper into crevices to remove foreign material. Tooth bleaching helps further remove stains.

Since ancient times, humans have experimented with many different types of abrasives to clean teeth. The Greeks and Romans used crushed bones and oyster shells. In the 19th Century, tooth powders were used by most people. They were homemade from substances such as chalk, pulverized brick or salt. When pre-mixed tooth powders and pastes came on the scene, some people were afraid they would do more harm than good. Fluoride was added to toothpaste in 1914 to help strengthen tooth enamel and protect against cavities.

In addition to abrasives and fluoride, commercial toothpastes include chemicals that inhibit the growth of bacteria, destroy plaque and remineralize the enamel. Foaming agents help distribute the toothpaste throughout the mouth uniformly. Flavors—usually of a minty variety—not only make the toothpaste taste better so you are more likely to use it, but also add a sweet, minty quality to your breath.

Men’s Grooming Menu Includes Oral Hygiene Accessories
The goals of good “mouth grooming” are to do the best job you can cleaning your mouth. Toothpaste begins the job, with the help of a good toothbrush. Use a soft toothbrush to help preserve the enamel on your teeth. Most people brush twice a day: once in the morning to get rid of overnight bacteria and odor, and once in the evening to loosen bits of food, drink and bacteria that have gathered throughout the day.
It’s also important to floss gently every day to remove matter from areas of the teeth that are difficult to reach with a brush. If you never floss, you’ll begin to see discoloration in hard-to-reach places, and you’ll risk the formation of cavities.

Finally, use a decent mouthwash to float remaining bits of matter out of your mouth, freshen your breath and guard against the growth of bacteria.

It’s Not All Business: Men’s Grooming of the Mouth can be Fun
As with skin care products, it’s a lot more entertaining to use oral hygiene products that taste, smell and look great. Treat yourself to toothpaste, toothbrushes, flosses and mouthwashes that make keeping your mouth healthy an entertaining part of each day.