Stuffed Animal Review: Aurora Plush 12

This Aurora Plush 12″ Scruff, Honey Color Flopsie Dog is one of Aurora’s many soft creations. The company has created a name for itself by producing top of the line quality stuffed animals and selling them at affordable prices. This dog definitely falls into this category. It measures 12 x 5 x 5 inches and weighs 1 pound, a nice size to hold, but small enough to sleep on your pillow.

The plush puppy is made with an incredibly soft, silky fur that will make anyone just want to keep holding it. Most of the body has been filled with nice stuffing, but the stomach is filled with beans, giving a little more flexibility and floppiness as indicated in its name. The facial expression on the dog is priceless, almost like he is inviting you over to give him a hug. It is a great toy for a child to sleep with, to play with, or just to drag around behind them.

This stuffed animal can be given to a child of any age older than thirty-six months to play with. While there aren’t any small parts that might detach, the eyes and the nose are a little harder. Plus the beans in the stomach may not be soft enough for a younger child. The dog isn’t extremely durable. If it is slept with every night, played with, and dragged around constantly, it may wear on its seams, but your child will certainly get a lot of use out of it, and you know it won’t be money wasted.

The toy makes a great gift for anyone. Though it is meant to be a child’s playmate, it is great for friends, relatives, and even that special someone in your life. They are sure to be pleased with this little guy. He will bring a smile to their faces, and they will never forget the gesture for sure. Because of its floppy nature, the dog can sit virtually anywhere without falling over, so it is good for decorative purposes as well as being a companion.

For the eleven dollars that you pay for this product, you really can’t match that kind of bargain. You are buying a wonderful product that will bring endless joy to the receiver, whether child or adult. Aurora has done a lovely job with this puppy, and will continue to uphold its tradition of great quality and great pricing.