Subject of Betrayal….

Some people just can’t keep their mouth shut, and we don’t know why people act the way they do.  Yes having a moment right now…Betrayal, betraying others, is just plain evil, to be turned on by someone you trust. They swear to keep your secret, and in just moments, disclosing your information either on the phone, or starting a rumor, or gossiping.
This is clearly a friendship, family, loved one, violation of your private information, and lacks concern for you as a friend, family or loved one. 
This happens all the time, but even asking people to stop, is like asking them to tell everyone that crosses their path, they call all of your friends that you share together, then they are calling you asking if it is true, by this time, it has been pulled and shaped into a totally new story.
So keeping your feelings inside, and unable to confide our deepest darkest secrets to anyone, especially your best friend, lover, brother, or someone in the family, basically keeping it to yourself is a must, to keep yourself sane, from the world of betrayal…
For some reason the average person but more likely someone that is very close to you for whatever reason can’t or is unable to honor our confidences, is this to make them feel  better, or better than the persons they are betraying?
So do you think before you speak? Do you have a dilemma in keeping a secret?  Keeping something confidential is very important if it is told to you in confidence…So what is the need to blab, blab, and blab. Remember putting your loyalty in a person, and being stabbed in the back?  This is very hurtful, and it is a two way street.
This is basically a simple matter of right or wrong, and each of us knows the difference.  Only some care more than others, about their friends.  So if you’re asked to keep it confidential, that is what you need to do.  Not blab it to everyone, you know or even people you don’t know.
The challenge is this, should you be told a secret if you can’t be trusted with it?  It is your responsibility as a friend, husband, mother, sister, brother, family member etc. you get the message. To keep your mouth shut, keep it to yourself, and don’t talk about others, in a matter that is of rumors or gossips, or the deep dark secrets that were told to you in confidence.  And remembering it isn’t your business to tell anyone, in the first place. But it is your business to keep it to yourself.
General advice about keeping secrets between friends, lovers, sisters, or brothers, family, sometimes we share confidences that aren’t for everyone ears, that is why you were chosen to be the one to listen, keep it close to your heart, and feel special about it.  And don’t be disloyal to a dear friend or family member, they need you to be there for them in their times of trouble…You’re the support system in their lives, that is why you were possibility chosen. 
If you can’t keep a secret then it may be a good idea to get out of the secret keeping business. This means the next time you’re starting to be told a deep dark secret, tell the person you can’t be trusted with a secret…Be honest tell them you’re an unfaithful friend and unable to fulfill the request of keeping the secret…
Being betrayed is the most hurtful thing you can do to another person.