Sucker Punch….to Watch or Not?

Sucker Punch Frenzy…….to watch or not to watch?

With all the buzz and fuzz  created by the action packed movie trailer of  Sucker Punch many movie goers like me swarmed the movie cinemas on its first day of showing. Many were so excited on anticipation whether the movie stood up as what it seemed when clips of it were shown on the trailers. Hot chicks on skimpy clothes, samurai, world war scenes, heavy machine guns, artilleries, robots, dragons and even orcs of the ” Lord of the Rings” trilogy are among the ones featured on the movie….with all these in one action flick who could possibly go wrong? Not to mention the movie boasts its forefather Zack Snyder with his previous works the phenomenal movie “300” and the equally astonishing “watchmen”.

Well for awhile i was so  ecstatic telling my friends to go and see the movie with me, having them convinced how great the movie was even though i havent seen it myself. Thanks to my gut instinct that paved the way to my mediocracy and embarrassment when i myself witnessed how the movie fell apart as i watched it finally on its first day opening in Philippine cinemas.

Surely it has many elements to entertain viewers, maybe too many to comprehend in some degree. if you remember the highly acclaimed movie ” The Inception ” and how its mind boggling story brought viewers to think out of the box then I’d say that almost the same concept was use in Suckerpunch wherein different worlds as seen by Its main character ” Baby Doll” traverse each other. The only thing was that those worlds are not coherently fused as a way correlating and supporting each other and making good sense or building up a good storyline. 


The story revolved around a young orphan named  ” baby doll”  whose wicked stepdad brought her to an assylum for  treatment which was actually just a plot to take control of her riches. Due to some stricken trauma brought by how she witnessed her sister’s death from the hands of her stepdad she got stuck into a world of fantasy where she was a made belief bar club dancer with a bunch of hot women who in reality are patients in the assylum as well. Together they made a plan and attempted to escape in the institution that tried to lock them in from the outside world. From here their adventure began in  securing 4 items necessary for their escape, but the twist was that the story was told in a way how baby doll see things her way and from how she jumps from  reality, to her subconscious cabarette world. Now you’ll probably asked what”s with those crazy samurai, “wire-fu”, computed generated special effects? Aside from the subconcsious world that existed in baby dolls cabarette wonderland is another deeper subconcsious dimension, like a third world in short, where she gets to play another made belief character as a femme fatale armed with samurai and a pistol. This second dimensional subconsciousness only appears when baby doll closes her eyes and dance in front of somebody, only them all this crazy but awsome things happen.

The Verdict

In terms of special effects and CGI (computer generated images) are concerned the movie really stood out. Like its predecesor ” 300″, it raised the bar of animated action and martial arts movie into an even higher level. I guess nobody does it better tha Zack snyder, indeed it was his forte. Moreover there were too many eyecandies that will never let your eyeballs droopy (just talking on behalf of the male population). However that’s just what the movie had, just simply the visuals. It failed to give and build a good storyline that evoked some kind of excitement or connection to its viewers. It FAILED to bring all those cool visual elements altogether and give me  goosebumps. True it was compelling enough but not for the reason i was hoping for, so i guess it wont generate as much the same favorable reviews to the  majority of the population. All in all i decided to give it 7/10 rating.