Summer For Free

Go for a Walk

Go and explore your own city. I have a little trick that you might like to borrow. I take a dime with me and when I get to a corner I give it a flip. Heads I turn left and tails I turn right. I also take my phone so I can’t get lost. Been there and done that a couple of times.

Concert in the park

Apparently parks have them all summer long. Check to see what is available in your city. This past Sunday was gorgeous and the place was packed with people of all ages having picnics and taking photos! See what  your park has to offer!

When Was the Last Time You Had a Picnic?

We have a very nice park about five minutes away and in April (when the temps were gorgeous) we packed a picnic and sat by the water and fed the ducks. And it didn’t cost us a penny!

Host a Free Weekend

Invite people to visit you for the weekend and then let them reciprocate. Having free meals and a free room benefits everyone. You could be setting yourself up the entire summer of fun or weekends at least!  

More Freebies

Libraries have lots of free programs to offer. Ours actually has an old house across the street that is set up like a museum. It makes sense to learn the history of your own town. You never know what you will learn about the area you live.

I’m sure that there are plenty of free entertainment for you to enjoy. It just takes some looking. Actually, you might be able to write a book to be featured in your own library. Now how cool would that be!!