Superior Italian Swimsuit

As we can see from old historic findings Greek  and Roman athletes used to costumes which were very much like the modern day bikinis since 1400 BC. In fact it is seen in the findings and frescos of that period.

On the other hand correct bathing suits or the swimsuits were finally worn for water sports or activities and recreation by the end of the 19th century. When we talk about swimwear for women, they typically had one-piece swimsuits which were designed to conceal the graceful female shape.

The modern day bikini swimsuits for women were designed and launched in the market by Lous Reard, a Parisian engineer. The name bikini comes from the atoll of the Marshall Islands. It was but obvious that this new evolution in women’s swimwear attire which revealed the belly and more brought about clamor and hesitancy in United States. It was only accepted as well as sold in the market during the 50’s for the women who were bold and smart.

Italian designers of women’s swimsuits: In the present times with numerous years of experience and fashion the production of Italian swimsuits for women includes a large section of that covers a big part of the business which represents research and also the purchasing volumes of swimsuit.

The reason behind it is maybe due to the old tradition, and also the summer swimsuit fashion industry. With more research there is better designing and development in the women’s swimsuit industry and also offer new trends and defines fashion on an international level.

To make the swimsuit industry truly international, it is absolutely fundamental that the Italian swimsuit companies dedicate a lot of time and effort in creating and development of summer swimsuits as well as adopt advanced technologies like the websites which will allow them to be seen around the world and will also showcase the satisfaction and demands of women.

Toscana Chiarugi has realized this and provides professionalism and experience in the designing and online sale of women’s swimsuits. With investment in promotion and publication of a new online swimsuit catalogue which illustrates the complete new swimwear collection they can become popular worldwide.

Chiarugi has become the main place on the internet for swimsuit and lingerie sale. It is not only used by Italian women, but by women from around the globe who want to differentiate themselves by looking feminine in superior garments.