Surfing Through Television

It is commonplace to find at least one television per household these days. This piece of technology has long been, and continues to be, a favourite that we all know and love.

In addition to TV sets, these days it is also commonplace for mobile phones and computers to be high up on the list too. Both of these latter technologies have an impressive range of features and abilities that consumers use on a daily basis.

If we compare the likes of mobile phones, computers and TV’s there is something which, for so long, the humble household TV has not been able to offer – access to the internet.

However, that is all changing with the introduction of Google TV coming to the marketplace.

Is this new TV feature available in New Zealand? Well, it is expected to be available worldwide during 2011, so keep your eyes peeled. Google TV will give you the freedom to use the internet on your very own television. You might be thinking, oh great, now I have to go out and buy a new TV. The good news is that for older model TV’s you will be able to buy a Google TV box. Alternatively, if you have been thinking about upgrading, many of the newer model TV’s will come with Google TV built in – much like other TV applications on the market today.

On a technical side, Google TV will be powered by Google Chrome and will allow you to do all of those things that you do on the internet such as post a Facebook update, Tweet, watch YouTube video’s, play games and the do pretty much anything you do now with your computer or mobile phone while connected to the internet.

The Google TV box/televisions are expected to be released with a full wireless QWERTY keyboard remote control, to enable users to type in searches as they would normally and flick between their TV programs and web applications, saving those that they like on to their home screen.

This new product will likely see consumers online more often and therefore traffic statistics could well increase in the future. It’s also likely to mean a change in the way that websites are designed, developed and optimised.

From both a design and search engine optimisation perspective, there are many questions which have arisen, such as: Will developers need to create specific web pages to take into account things like resolutions and screen sizes for Google TV. Do Google TV users search the same Google index that searchers do presently?

Answers to questions regarding design can be found. Google have released some guidelines for optimising websites for Google TV. How users will interact with the new TV feature once it is widespread is yet to be seen.

It is likely that many web designers will create websites using Flash methods due to the lack of font support for Google TV at present, which in itself could cause issues for the websites organic rankings in Google.

As always, as we find out more we’ll keep you updated, but for now – bear in mind that your website audience could change and therefore so could your websites design and functionality.

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