SWG Bounty Hunter Guide A Beginner’s Guide to Levelling the PvP Class in Star Wars Galaxies

Bounty Hunters have the job of tracking down the scum of the universe in Star Wars Galaxies, and often operate on the shadier side of the law themselves. Sony Online Entertainment’s initial implementation of the bounty hunter class had bounty hunters hunting down player character Jedi . This forced PvP option has been removed from the game.

The actions that bring a player into the PvP arena now reflect a galaxy at war and the actions of any player may cause them to have contracts taken out on them by bounty hunters. Beginning a career as a bounty hunterin Star Wars Galxies is not an easy task, but tracking down bounties is rewarding for people who enjoy player versus player combat.

Bounty Hunter Mission Terminals

Mission terminals have been a staple of Star Wars Galaxies since its release. Completing bounty hunter missions is the means by which bounty hunters increase their combat level. (Most of the information on bounty hunters inStar Wars Galaxies is outdated, so this guide does not take into account recent patches.)

At the lower levels, these will be computer controlled characters, with limited AI. At higher levels, players who have run afoul of the game’s system either through participation in the Galactic Civil War with other players or other player killing activity will be the targets.

Because bounty hunter missions are the fastest and best way to gain bounty hunter experience, it is hard to say what to kill or where to go to for a character to raise his combat level. Instead, finding a pvp guide and using the systems in Star Wars Galaxies that help a bounty hunter track their targets will be more effective.

Bounty Hunter PvP Fights

Because bounty hunters level up the fastest when pursuing missions against other players, it is important to know the type of character that a bounty hunter will face on the mission. PvP strategies for the taking on different classes in Star Wars Galaxies can be found on SWG Stratics and the Star Wars section of the Allakhazam sites.

Bringing gear that will resist the most effective attacks or counter the abilities of the class the bounty hunter is tracking helps. Fighting monsters also increases a Star Wars Galaxies character’s combat level, but performing the hunting missions lets a bounty hunter character improve the class skills.

PvP combat is not for everyone, and a character can go through the universe of Star Wars Galaxies without ever engaging in PvP if they choose to do so. The player who enjoys a different challenge than PvP combat can start a career as a bounty hunter and before undertaking a mission, do some research on what the the best strategies to take out his mark are.


Star Wars Galaxies Stratics Bounty Hunter Guide