“Symbol or a stamp”

             Tattooing is a fast growing part of the fashion industry. A lot of people are showing their individuality by tattooing their skin, they are spending amounts of money to have a presentation of their inner world, some event that influenced their life, but This is one side of a medal. On the other side of the same medal – mistakes that people making.

  •     Most common mistake – cheap tattoo made by scratcher. Scratcher – is a beginner tattoo-“artist”, person that practicing tattooing, usually they making cheep or free tattoos. People should take a good look into tattoo artists’ portfolio, ask questions, consult with them, make your own research, internet, forums, blogs are unlimited source of information. Person that will take a chance with a free/low-price tattoo must know – there is really small possibility that your tattoo will be made with quality, in sanitary conditions (tattoo artist must prepare and set his tattoo station in sterile medical gloves, needles must be packed – they are only one time use), that your skin will not be scarred by unprofessional, etc. You have to realize and understand, that bad tattoo will be always a reminder, no matter why you made it, to save some money or any other cause. Bad tattoo can be removed by laser (painful and costs a lot of money), not always totally, also you can ask a professional tattoo artist to make a “cover up” for you. “Cover up” – it’s a tattoo that covers bad tattoo or makes bad one look better (if it’s possible). Remember not all tattoos can be covered, so before that, you will need to get rid of old one. By the way, laser removes not whole tattoo at ones, one color per session.
  •     Next mistake is a placement. You must think where tattoo will fit best. First of all – it depends where you work, think about dress code, tattoo can be easily covered with clothes. Sun is not good for tattoo also, even with using protecting cream, picture will lose details faster if you are not covering it. Second – choose place on your body that is less influenced with body changes like gaining weight or giving a birth. Skin stretches and tattoo can change shape. Third – pain, tattooing hurts, but it hurts different on each spot, usually tattoo artists warn their costumers about possible pain on areas of body.

  • A picture. Don’t try to put a lot into small picture, small can’t be detailed. If you want lettering (words), always double/triple check if it’s written correct! Doesn’t matter how much you trust tattoo artist, check it and only after you 100% sure, check it once more and make that tattoo. As I mentioned at the “placement”, tattoos that are under the sunlight can lose some details, so choose or not so detailed picture or protect it from the sun. I’m not going to go too deep with next, but names of loved ones (boy/girl friend, wife/husband), their portraits – always not a good idea. Meaning of picture is always an individual thing, but a research before choosing it – will not harm.

Have that in mind, make a good choice and good luck with your tattooing.