Take a Closer Look at How Fish Oil Is Made

Do you want to know how fish oil is made?  Are you wondering why it has become so popular nowadays?  First of all, this nutrient rich oil came from fish varieties that thrive in colder waters.  These fish species have rich amount of fats which are extracted to produce the oil.  The best varieties of fishes that contain rich amount of fats include mackerel, cod, tuna, and salmon. 

In the past, fish oil is extracted from fish caught in the wild.  But consumer demand increased significantly which led to commercial fish production.  Today, most of the oil extracts come from farmed fish. 

Oil extracted from fish comes from various sources.  For example, cod liver oil is primarily extracted from the liver of cod fish.  It has rich amount of vitamin A and vitamin D aside from its Omega 3 fatty acid content.  There are also standard fish oil extracts and they come generally from pressed mackerel, salmon, tuna, and other fatty fishes. 

An Overview of Fish Oil Production

When freshly caught fish are delivered to the processing plants, they are immediately hashed or cut into smaller pieces.  They are placed in a giant steamer for the preliminary cooking.  Once the fish are cooked, they will be pressed to separate the liquid and the fat-free solid meat. 

The first-stage extract of fish is called pressed liquor.  It comprises the water and fat content of fish with some residues.  The fat-free meat is separated and made into fish meal.  The pressed liquor undergoes further processing to separate the water from oil.  The liquid is poured into a giant tank for extrusion process. 

The pressed liquor is heated and stirred constantly in order to facilitate faster evaporation of water.  After a while, only the oil extract will remain.  It will be subjected to further processing to remove all impurities and to eliminate toxins and other microorganisms.  This is called the polishing process which involves dehydration and deodorization.  The final product is highly concentrated extract and made into fish oil gel or simply bottled as oil in liquid form. 

The Big Benefits of Fish Oil

You probably know already that fish contains essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth and development.  But fatty fish plays a more significant role in promoting a healthy body.  This type of fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.  These fatty acids are essential nutrients needed for proper brain development and good eyesight.  EPA and DHA are also known to promote good cardiovascular development. 

If fish is good for your health, then concentrated fish oil is also beneficial for your body.  The essential Omega 3 fatty acids are also present in the oil and in much concentrated form.  Regular intake of concentrated fatty oil therefore could help your body in so many ways. 

Fish oil can bring a lot of healthy benefits for your body.  You should include it in your daily diet so that you can absorb its essentialOmega 3 fatty acid content.  Although it is convenient to take fish oil, you must never forget that eating fresh fish is still one of your best options to enjoy the benefits of Omega 3.